September 22, 2011

we wait is almost over

I have been really horrible as of lately about posting to my blog.  Sorry. I do not foresee it getting better anytime soon.  Let me explain.  At work they cut 400 positions, work duties get reshuffled to remaining staff. Remaining staff has to buckle down to help teammates and peers get work done.  That is one reason.  The second reason is, I have been really focused on my photography business.  This is the 5th year of my business being open; I made it a goal of mine to make sure it is a good one.  With all the focus I have been pouring into my full time job and my photography business, being a wife and a good mommy, it does not leave much time to do blog updates that someone may or may not read.  Which considering how many comments I get, I assume the latter.

To date here are some updates.  I relaunched my photography business under a new name, Belle Photography, LLC with a partner, Kelly.  She is awesome, I have known Kelly for a very long time, small town, long story short we grew up together.  Quite a few years back, I can not remember exactly when, my brother asked me to teach Kelly about her SDLR that she had just purchased and some software that she got that she did not know how to use.  Sure!  I love doing that sort of thing.  This spurred us talking more and more as we ran into each other at various gatherings. 

Then I broke my leg, Kelly saved my butt!  Another friend Amanda with Ridgedog Photography did as well (also grew up with her, she is good peeps too). But, Kelly really enjoyed working with me and the clientele that I bring in and asked to work with me more often.  When I needed additional assistance after I recovered she assisted, and she was eager.  Then we rolled into wow, this is way to much work for Danielle, I NEED some help. So, I hired Kelly.  And that has blossomed into a full out partnership of which I am proud to be in business with Kelly!  We could not be more excited with were we are in our business together. We have some more movement on the horizon and I can not WAIT to share that with you.  But in the mean time, here is the new logo. Yep, she loves the peacock feather as much as I do!

Another update that I have not talked about in a LONG time is... my weight.  Yep, I stepped on the scale yesterday at Weight Watchers and I am down to 139.  I am so excited to see that number.  That is a total of 28 pound in the past year down, and 54 pounds since I had Emma.  Slow and steady as we round the corner to her third birthday in just a couple of months.  Maybe I can hit 135 by my birthday.  Now, that would be a swell present to myself.

August 22, 2011

photography update

{Biehle Photography}

I am blessed. I have a photography business that I started in 2007 and it has steadily been growing ever since. This year has proved to be one of my most successful years and hopefully a good prediction of the future of my business.

Biehle Photography & Design has been so busy I had to officially hire my first part-time employee. Kelly is per-fect! I can not say enough great things about her. She is what every boss longs for in an employee. She has a natural talent, she has the love, she always asks me what else can I work on. {AHH} Music to my ears! I love having Kelly on staff, she is a great addition. With this development, I have been thinking it is way past time that I tweak and become happy with my "store front".

I hired a graphic designer to create a logo for me. You might be saying, "WHAT?" But you are a graphic designer. I am... B.F.A and all, however, I LOATHE designing logos. No lie, I won't take money from people to design theirs and I every time I have tried to sit down and design my own, I tweak it to death! I have not been able to create a logo for myself that I have considered "finished".

I am working on my "store front". I will reveal the new logo here as soon as it is completed, and then the work on my website will begin. I have some big things in my head that I want done to the website, I hope that they can be done!

{Biehle Photography}