June 22, 2010

The MIRACLE mix for diaper rash!

This past weekend, Emma had her first bout of the Ritavirus. Let's just say the ritavirus doesn't care that it is a holiday weekend.. With this virus it usually starts as vomiting and then ends up as diarrhea. What does diarrhea do to a child in a diaper you ask? Great question! Well, after just one diaper, Brian came to me saying Emma is getting a really bad diaper rash.. Really? How odd? We haven't changed anything and she never gets them! The next morning, I see the evidence for myself, only this time - WOWZA! Much worse! Her little hiney was bright red, front to back, and when we went to wipe her she would scream and yell "MEAN" and she would try and crab walk away from us. I thought she was going to climb the wall. So, Brian and I did everything we knew how to make her feel better, used Tylenol, Motrin, switched back to the gauze pads and warm water, instead of wipes, and slathered the butt paste on as if we were icing a cake.

Sunday night, I was awaken many times to the cries from Emma. She was in so much pain, her poor belly was still really torn up and still having the bouts of diarrhea. So, first thing Monday morning I got out of bed and clock watched for the time the pediatricians office opened. 10:30 am appointment, so sense we live an hour out, I throw on some clothes, got her ready and headed to Austin. Sense she has a horrible diaper rash the last thing she wants to do is sit. So that trip to and from was a blast! She was screaming bloody murder the entire time. Broke my heart, that there was nothing I could for her.

So the doctor prescribed the following for Emma or any child with the Ritovirus: FYI- the pediatrician said 1 of 3 kids in their office right now has this virus...

  1. BRAT diet - ( Bananas, Rice, Apples and Toast); and other starchy foods
  2. Lactos Free whole milk
  3. Carnation Instant Breakfast - if she has not successully eaten durning the day
And the BEST thing EVER! The diaper rash mixture that made me raise my eyebrows but worked within minutes!
  • Mixture of Butt Paste (she was very specific about the brands she named Dr. Smiths or Boudreaux's Butt Paste, Maalox (yea, I was like really??) and 1% hydrocortisone cream
  • I mixed all this together which makes a nice cream - however does take a bit to blend I used a popsicle stick to mash the different textures together.
  • Then loaded it up on Emma's hiney

The result, a much happier Emma emmerged. I feel like every mother with a child in a diaper should know about this mixture! It was amazing how quickly it worked! Thank you lord!


  1. POOR ANGEL!!!! I'm sorry to hear she was hit with that nasty virus!! I hope she gets to feeling better quickly! I'm taking note of your diaper rash remedy and saving it for future needs. :) Kiss that sweet pea for me and I hope she's back to her old self again soon.

  2. Very interesting and good to know, but poor poor girl! MEAN! hehe